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Rug is a kind of ground laid with cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibersyarns or synthetic fiber as the raw materials knotted, tufted or woven by hand or mechanical processes. It is one of the world arts and crafts with a long historical tradition. Rug can be covered on ground residential, hotels, stadiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc., to achieve the effect of noise reduction, thermal insulation and decoration. Rug or carpet is a famous Chinese traditional handicraft with a history of more than 2000 years. It has become the main export products of China due to the excellent wool quality, unique skills, elegant design features.

Jintian is a professional factory and manufacturer of microfiber rugs, there are different rugs for different application. At Jintian factory, there are mainly manufacturer of kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs. Don’t hesitate to check details with us, and we will be glad to offer our kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs with a very competitive and reasonable price. 

Kitchen rugs: we are currently manufacturing two designs and styles for choice: 100% polyester kitchen rugs with section dyeing and 100% polyester printing kitchen rugs. All kitchen rugs manufacturer are made of 100% polyseter with the advantages of higher water absorption, fast dry and anti bacteria. We have our own brand Microfine for production, as well OEM services are available with us. Any sizes, styles, patterns, and colors are vary for your choice. 

Bathroom rugs: we are currently producing two patterns for choice of 100% cotton flower shape cotton household floor mat bathroom rugs and 100% polyseter water absorption microfiber anti-slip chenille bathroom rugs. Both Microfine brand and OEM service are available with any size and designs.

 There are various kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs available in Jintian. 


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