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    As a dress fabric factory, we provide all kinds of 4 way stretch fabric, lycra fabric, spandex fabric, suit fabric and terry fabric in good quality, in accordance with the INTERTEK certification.

    Our homemade cleaning products such as bathroom towels, cleaning mop, kitchen rugs, bathroom towels, mop head, dry mop are exported worldwide and have accumulated good reputation.

    We are microfiber fabric manufacturer providing microfiber mop, microfiber towels, microfiber cloth with competitive price and good after-sales service.

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    >>   Waterproof Fabric

    Waterproof fabric is invented by Charles Macintosh, who is a Scottish chemist.

    2016-01-21 11:05:00
    >>   Velour Fabric

    Velour fabric is the umbrellas name of all cut pile fabric. It has parallel and neat and fluff on the surface presenting unique velvet sheen. It is generally used for clothing or decoration.

    2016-01-21 11:00:00
    >>   Swimsuit Fabric

    Good swimsuit fabric ingredient is generally 80% nylon 20% spandex or 78% nylon 22% spandex.

    2016-01-21 10:57:00
    >>   Jacquard Fabric

    Jacquard fabric is also called flower fabric. Warp or weft yarn is lift to exhibit a three-dimensional shape while weaving. Each floating-point connection forms a variety of design patterns.

    2016-01-21 10:54:00
    >>   Furniture Fabric

    Furniture fabric factory is becoming are and more popular since people pay more attention to their home decoration with the improvement of living quality.

    2016-01-21 10:53:00
    >>   Faux Fur Fabric

    Faux fur fabric is plush fabric with animal print. The fluff can be divided into two levels, the outer layer is thick shiny straight bristles, inner layer is fine soft fuzz.

    2016-01-21 10:49:00
    >>   4 Way Stretch Fabric

    Stretch fabric is a kind of elastic fabric, the main material is fiber and rubber. 4 way stretch fabric is a new synthetic fabric, it is created to meet the needs of higher elasticity.

    2016-01-21 10:47:00
    >>   Jersey Knit Fabric

    Jersey knit fabric refers to the dress fabric of weft knitted for underwear. It is smooth, clear lines, fine texture.

    2016-01-21 10:38:00
    >>   Tricot Fabric

    The common materials for tricot fabric are polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene, mixed with cotton, wool, silk, linen and other synthetic materials.

    2016-01-05 12:06:00
    >>   Terry Fabric

    Terry fabric details for you to have a better understanding of terry fabric.

    2016-01-05 11:56:00