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    As a dress fabric factory, we provide all kinds of 4 way stretch fabric, lycra fabric, spandex fabric, suit fabric and terry fabric in good quality, in accordance with the INTERTEK certification.

    Our homemade cleaning products such as bathroom towels, cleaning mop, kitchen rugs, bathroom towels, mop head, dry mop are exported worldwide and have accumulated good reputation.

    We are microfiber fabric manufacturer providing microfiber mop, microfiber towels, microfiber cloth with competitive price and good after-sales service.

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    We’re a professional producer and manufacturer of all kinds of discount fabric, fashion fabric, wholesale fabric of warp knitting fabrics, such as spandex fabric, suit fabric, dress fabric, tricot fabric, and suede fabric, which are widely used for swimwear, suit, upholstery, etc.

    As a wholesale fabric manufacturer, the fashion fabric produced by Jintian can be roughly divided into three categories which are apparel fabric, household fabric and stretch swimwear fabric respectively.  We provide numerous choices of dress fabric texture, such as faux fur fabric, jersey knit fabric, flannel fabric. Here you can always find the kind of fabric you want. The garments made of Jintian fabric are in good quality and in fashion. You will feel like to wear them all the time for its comfortable tactile impression.The Jintian dress fabric factory has a complete production line for all its discount fabric. Through the processing of warping, weaving, dyeing and pressing, our fabric is possessed with excellent color fastness, softness as well as durable and wear-resisting property. So it would be a wise choice to pick Jintian fashion fabric for all kinds of usage.  

    Jintian is a wholesale fabric supplier with many kinds of clearance fabric, cheap fabric and wholesale fashion fabric. There is wholesale fashion fabric like suede fabric, spandex fabric. We provide wholesale fabric online where you can buy a variety of discount fabric and cheap cotton fabric by the yard. Suede fabric has two categories, natural and faux suede fabric respectively with good comfort property.

    Due to microfiber gap, it makes the suede fabric achieve good water absorption and oil absorption. Microporous structure between suede fabric allows the fabric with more air, thus can obtain better insulation effect. Suede upholstery fabric is soft, smooth, with obvious advantages in touch and physical comfort.
    Suede fabric has the property of significant waterproof. Because of the superfine fiber, suede fabric has light weight and good drapability. It looks gorgeous and warm. This kind of dress fabric nowadays is very popular for little skirt, short, waistcoat. It is super beautiful.

    Spandex can spin freely by 4 to 7 times, and when released, it can quickly respond to the original length. It cannot be used alone, but interweave with any other man-made or natural fiber. It can be made for nylon spandex fabric, polyester fabric, lycra stretch fabric and other spandex fabric. Spandex fabric has superior stretching property. Therefore, adding spandex fabric in trousers or jacket can make the drape easily restore. Clothes made of such dress fabric are flowing and not easy to deform. Even making strict suit, jacket, there is also no slightest pressing and cramped feeling. Sweaters, underwear with a little join of spandex fabric is both fit and comfortable. Spandex fabric has the advantage of not easy to wrinkle. It feels smooth and soft, comfortable to wear. And spandex fabric owns excellent chromaticity, and it is not easy to be faded.                      

    If you like to do exercise like swimming, yoga, then you must choose our 4 way stretch fabric. Jintian stretch fabric has good elasticity. With excellent resilience, Jintian’s swimwear fabric is not easy to deform which contributes massively to a long service life. Though swimsuit is close-fitting, you won’t have any uncomfortable feeling when adopting to Jintian swimsuit fabric due to its good breathability performance.

    We are a reliable dress fabric factory providing competitive wholesale fabric price. Our fabric products can be used as cloth-making, tablecloth, swimsuit, furniture fabric for sofa, and so on. Fabric, whether good or not can be tested from the following three aspects. First is softness. While warping, we have employed the combing process to remove the impurity for smoother yarn.  Second is warmth retention. Good dress fabric should keep people warm. You can also estimate the quality of suit fabric from the degree of comfort. 

    Most of our fabric products are exported to European and American countries with competitive factory prices, which sell very popular and enjoy good reputation there. We have obtained the INTERTEK certification from the largest inspection company in the world. Through the strict tests, we make sure all our products are green and environmental.

    We hope to have more negotiation and cooperation with domestic and oversea customers, achieving mutual benefit and win-win result. Don“t hesitate to contact us, and we have the most competitive factory price for you.

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    If required, please also check our Microfiber Cleaning Products!


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