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    As a dress fabric factory, we provide all kinds of 4 way stretch fabric, lycra fabric, spandex fabric, suit fabric and terry fabric in good quality, in accordance with the INTERTEK certification.

    Our homemade cleaning products such as bathroom towels, cleaning mop, kitchen rugs, bathroom towels, mop head, dry mop are exported worldwide and have accumulated good reputation.

    We are microfiber fabric manufacturer providing microfiber mop, microfiber towels, microfiber cloth with competitive price and good after-sales service.

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    >>   Matters Needing Attention When Cleaning the Appliance of the Floor

    The floor and living or working area of surface layer, plays an important role, to ensure that the floor clean sanitation has a great influence of the whole. So we must to do a good job of cleaning the ground, let's learn method on how to clean the floor and know about the clean floor cleaning tool used by:

    2016-04-27 16:41:00
    >>   4 Recruit the Easier Cleanness of Woodiness Floor Maintains II

    3.wood floor moistureproof Wood is rich in natural water that are processed by the woodiness floor also has a certain moisture content, so the wood floor moistureproof will have to pay special attention to. Everyday when used in addition to clear in time the wooden floor surface water, still need to pay attention to indoor air humidity, in a timely manner ventilated, maintain indoor air circulation.In addition, for real wood floor wax should also be on time, so that you can avoid the moisture of the rainy season.

    2016-04-26 16:39:00
    >>   Synthetic Fibre Suede Fabric Production Process II

    Before weaving to do twisting or coated evenly, finalize the design when the vacuum degree and higher, choice of cooling process is very important, otherwise the fabric after dyed color flower is seen

    2016-04-22 16:27:00
    >>   Synthetic Fibre Suede Fabric Production Process

    With the continuous improvement of living standard, people more and more is also high to the requirement of fabric, the brightly-colored, soft, drapability and rebound elasticity good textile fabrics, much the broad masses of consumers. From the current clothing market, the direction of the textile material with special style is the first choice for clothing manufacturers. General development of this kind of product is mainly through the way such as new materials and new process to complete.

    2016-04-21 16:37:00
    >>   The Most Suitable Dust Mop For Floor Cleaning

    Wood floor is preferred in modern home decoration for its soft touch effect, environmental quality offering people a natural feeling.

    2016-04-13 16:29:00
    >>   Wooden Floor Cleaning

    Now more and more people love wooden flooring. However, many people feel troublesome when cleaning up wooden floor for the wooden floor differentiates from tiled floor. There are some tips for you.

    2016-04-13 16:29:00
    >>   Four Methods of Cleaning Cloth Usage

    Wipe with dry cloth. It is appropriate to wipe dirt and waterlogging with dry clothstains. When confronting rub stains difficult to eliminate, spray some vinegar. Such cleaning method can also be applied to clean windows, wooden or leather furniture interior lighting.

    2016-04-11 16:29:00
    >>   How to Use the Dust Mop to Clean Wood Floors

    Home wood flooring are generally more delicate which also require frequent cleaning and maintenance. The following are some tips for wood flooring cleaning.

    2016-04-11 16:29:00
    >>   Outdoor Dress Fabric Trends

    Outdoor dress fabric market now is facing specialization situation, from the view of overall product, the future style must be younger and more fashion. What is the biggest difference in outdoor dress fabric?

    2016-01-28 16:14:00
    >>   Cleaning Cloths Manufacturer Product Use Notice

    As a cleaning cloths manufacturer, in this article, jin-sky would like to share some matters need attention with you.

    2016-01-26 14:03:00