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    Our homemade cleaning products such as bathroom towels, cleaning mop, kitchen rugs, bathroom towels, mop head, dry mop are exported worldwide and have accumulated good reputation.

    We are microfiber fabric manufacturer providing microfiber mop, microfiber towels, microfiber cloth with competitive price and good after-sales service.

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    This series is all about Jintian microfiber mop refill products, one of the main manufactured products at Jintian, all of those microfiber mops are greatly popular and well sold around the world. 

    About microfiber mop refill:
    At Jintian factory, they are mainly divided differnt groups based on its functions and various applications, let's have a look at some of them: 1.dry mop, 2.microfiber mop, 3.wet mop, 4.flat mop, 5.best mop, 6.cleaning mop, 7.floor mop, 8.floor cleaning mop, 9.easy mop, 10.mop head, 11.dust mop, 12.twisting mop.

    Mop is a very important cleaning tool in home and garden cleaning. Floor mop is a kind of green cleaning products with rags or yarn tied on a stick. Because of the floor mop, we can make our household clean and decent every day. In North China people like to call it rag. When used, people often wash it in water, you also can add an appropriate amount of cleaner in order to keep floor mop cleaner.

    Origin: The origin of mop can be said to come from rag. In the early times, people would just sweep the dust and mud when they do the cleaning. They had never thought about wiping. But with the development of the sociality and technology, the   soil ground becomes floor. It is natural to clean the floor without dust. At the beginning, people clean the floor with rags. They are very useful in getting rid of dust but it would cause tiredness easily. Later people got the inspiration of installing a skillet on the top to free people from squatting. And here comes the floor cleaning mop.

    Nowadays, it is very convenient and easy to purchase floor mop, but what’s essential is to choose the right floor mop. In the floor cleaning mop market, there are mainly three kinds of floor mop. They are respectively traditional floor mop, glue cotton floor mop and flat mop. Among them, the flat mop is the most useful one.

    Flat mop is suitable for all kinds of floor material. The mop head of flat mop is like wrapped in a towel with flexible rotation, and the "towel" can tear down to clean. And the price of flat mop is usually not very expensive. The mop head is usually made of cotton or microfiber.

    There are various flat mop, we can distinguish roughly for the following types. The first kind is the cloth type flat mop. General the mop head is specially designed, so when making a purchase you need to ask whether there is a replacement to buy. The second category is the plastic stick hook type. Such kind of flat mop is very convenient to change the mop head, just pull and tear. -mop head manufacturer

    Some flat mop is cleverly designed. All abandoned cotton towels and cotton in the home can be stuck in a mop head used for floor cleaning. We usually call it solid type flat mop but the price is relatively high. The fourth class is spin flat mop with microfiber mop head. The mop head cleaning process can be done by foot, hand pressure which is very convenient. 

    Jintian microfiber mop is made of high-tech textile raw materials – microfiber. It has ultra-soft surface. Microfiber mop can better absorb oil and fine dust particles compared with traditional floor mop. It is lint-free, antistatic, and it can lock the moisture tight. Microfiber mop will do no harm to the objects and it leaves no water traces after wiping.

    Easy mop is a new dehydration unit, which can self-control the cloth humidity. It has the properties of cleaning, vacuuming and suction effect. Easy mop is convenient and time-saving. It dries quickly. The new patented mop head allows 360 degree rotation which can clean every corner in depth. Easy mop is an innovative concept combined with vacuum cleaner and dehydration machine. It has a strong cleaning effect of the cleaner, but also achieves 100% complete dehydration effect. What’s more, easy mop needs no electricity. It is energy-saving and simple to operate, both adults and children can use. With full use of ergonomic design, easy mop significantly reduces the hands burden. It won’t cause muscles fatigue and will not cause bodily injury.

    Dust mop is also called clean mop, twisting mop. It is a special green cleaning products used in electronic dust-free industrial plants and pharmaceutical GMP workshop. Dust mop has unique anti-static function. It has the advantages of no shedding, super absorbency and super decontamination property. Dust mop for wool floor is very light and convenient to operate. And the mop head is very easy to change too. What’s more, dust mop can rapidly absorb the oily substances, reducing friction to the surface. The unique vacuum roll with large area can quickly and efficiently absorb dirt and dust to avoid secondary pollution and damaging the surface. There needs no detergents with the application of dust mop. 

    Twisting mop is also a kind of easy mop, it free your and from any touch to the water. It is designed with extended choice according to the ergonomic concept to allow every one find a most comfortable position for holding. Twisting mop is easy to clean, no water will splash out when washing. The solid, long enough design of mop handle can free people from bending. You do not have to contact directly with the mop head to get a dry mop, all you need is to rotate handle hard to achieve the squeeze effect. Twisting mop keeps your hands away from stains and water. Another advantage of twisting mop is that it has a long service life. Each mop head can serve for more than one year.

    Mop head is a part of the green cleaning products floor mop, because it is fixed in the head, therefore it is called mop head. It is made of cotton, glue cotton or other fiber material. Together with the mop rod, it forms a floor mop. It is mainly used for floor and marble ground cleaning. According to the material and performance, mop head can be divided into glue cotton mop head, microfiber mop head and cotton mop head.

    Glue cotton mop head has a strong water absorbency property .You do not need to sweep the floor before, the static of air convection and friction can vacuum dust, sand and hair without do any damage to the floor. With the application of glue cotton mop head, your hands are free from water and dirt. It is easy and clean. And the glue cotton mop head is particularly economical and affordable. But the limitation of shape (bar) makes it difficult to wipe the narrow gap.

    Microfiber mop head is relatively expensive, because it has adopted a special process. The flat mop head can touch the ground vertically, changing the shortcomings of cotton’s parallel contact with ground. Due to "close contact" with the ground, electrostatic generated by friction can remove the dirt in the cracks thoroughly. And microfiber mop head has a strict cleaning requirement. It must be washed by hand or washing machine carefully to guarantee a long service life.  
    Cotton mop head prefers dry material, so it is more suitable for hardwood floor. Cotton mop head once wet is uneasy to clean up the hair attached to the top. And dirt and small objects would stick on the mop head. So it is better to keep it a dry mop. Before mopping the floor, it is suggested to sweep the hair in advance. According to the performance, it can be divided into flat mop head, rotating mop head and twisting mop head.

    Whether microfiber mop, flat mop, dry mop or wet mop, if it is not conducted a thorough cleaning and dried, it is easy to breed harmful substances. Therefore, the first principle of choosing a floor cleaning mop is easy to clean and dry.

    About Jintian microfiber mop products:
    With it's own brands of Microfine and MILK TOWN, as well a factory located in one of the biggest fabric cities Haining, Zhejiang, Jintian has been exported it's microfiber and fiber products mainly to American and European countries. With more than 5 years experiences and development, Jintian has more potential to expand its business worldwide with more reputation. 

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